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Swiss Made Success is an Educational Platform for Coaches, Educators and Experts in different fields. We provide and enable Inspiration, Information, Education, Principles and Encouragement, through: Interviews, Step by Step Programs, Videos, Audio, Articles, Online and Live "One on One" Coaching, Online and Live Group Coaching, Live Events, Online Events, Programs, Courses, Webinars, Books and Products to help people reach their potential and create an extraordinary lifestyle on their terms.


Our mission is to provide you with the most effective information, inspiration and education to help you reach your potential and create an extraordinary lifestyle on your terms.


Our Vision is to inspire billions of people to take action and realize their dreams.


"When you do that moment by moment by moment, you create meaningful days. And a meaningful day you know its meaningful, because when you go to sleep at night you’ve got this feeling, it’s just like wow! You know what a day. You've got this feeling of energy, excitement, I can't wait for tomorrow. Today was a really good day like that type of feeling." Dr. Jamil Sayegh


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