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"The best way to predict the future is to create it" Peter Drucker

Confidence Coach

I am a Confidence Coach and the founder of Swiss Made Success. After 12 years of learning from other Coaches and Mentors, amazing results started to show up in my life. Emotional and inner Freedom, Mental and Physical toughness, I found a job as a Caregiver which gives me immense fulfilment. I met the woman of my dreams Martina, we got married and we have a son named Dante. Learn more…

High Performance Coach

Omar is a High Performance Coach who helps other Coaches Start & Grow their Coaching Business from 0 to 10K per moth. Some of the tools he uses is called “The Content Roulette”. How to make leverage on social media by being authentic and by connecting with your clients in a genuine way. Learn more…

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Watch Full Interview

with Omar Harb

Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Transformation Coach: Health, Relationships, Success, Fulfillment

Life doesn’t give you what you want, it gives you who you are being. We work on that, and everything changes.This is the place to come when you are ready to really begin transforming your life. Our work together will be intense. I will challenge you to look at yourself and your life differently.

We will release the hidden blocks that have been keeping you stuck, so that you can create the health, relationships, business success, spiritual peace, happiness, and fulfillment that you’re looking for. You will wake up from the dream of limitation you have been living in, and return home, here and now, as the fullest expression of yourself. You will become alive again. Learn more…

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Emotional Intelligence & Conversational Intelligence Coach

Nadine is a leader in Emotional Intelligence & Conversational Intelligence.  After growing up in the Lebanese Civil War, and witnessing all the hatred and disharmony created as a result of that, and the impact this all had on country productivity, Nadine’s mission developed into dedicating all her efforts and God-given talents to create more compassion, peace and harmony in this world.  Having been a corporate leader herself, and having faced many challenges leading her team into harmony, Nadine now works with corporate leaders who are struggling with disengaged teams who do not take any initiatives.  Nadine helps them become emotional intelligent, self-aware leaders who…Learn more

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with Dr. Jamil

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with Nadine Zeinoun

Fitness Coach, Nutritionist, Tedx Speaker

Coach Charles is a Fitness Coach, Nutritionist, Tedx Speaker, Motivator, Podcast Host and a great Inspiration to many.

He helps people to get the right mindset and the confidence in order to lose weight and take control of their own health.

Charles mission is to help people to reach their fullest potential in life, especially with their body and health. Learn more...

Joined on  03.06.2021

Fitness and Mindset Coach

I’m Martins, the fitness and mindset coach who’s on a mission to help people achieve their dream bodies – one great body at a time! Fitness is my ride or die. It’s the vehicle that takes us on a journey of life transformation. With the right mindset and consistent effort, we can achieve profound improvements in all areas of life.

. Learn more...

Joined on  12.01.2022

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with Charles Rüffieux

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