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#17 Why Do We Complicate Life? Top Reason You Must Know!

Why Do We Complicate Life? Top Reason You Must Know!
Why Do We Complicate Life? Top Reason You Must Know!

Many individuals nowadays have complicate life, busy, complex, rushed lives that occasionally go nowhere. I’ve been there with so much to accomplish and little time. I’m running from people to places to tasks with good intentions to stay in control. If you’re one of these many, even sometimes, realize that we make life difficult for ourselves in many ways. 

This also applies in reverse. Reducing stress may help us live well. We may need to clean up our mental, emotional, and physical to-do lists more than extra tasks. Your life is too complex and complete when you accomplish so much in a day that you can’t recall it and don’t feel better or more satisfied.

Seeking excessive controlStriving for control leads to exhaustion and dissatisfaction.
Allowing too many interruptionsConstant distractions hinder focus and productivity.
Seeking praise from othersAn endless quest for approval brings discontent and complexity.
Lacking productivityBusyness doesn’t equate to productivity; it complicates life.
ProcrastinationUnfinished tasks overwhelm clutter thoughts, and hinder progress.

We Aim To Control

When we overcontrol, we don’t appreciate the trip or the goal. Life is about connection, not control. Self-and-other connection. If you try to manage everything, you’ll grow exhausted, annoyed, and bored. Release stuff. Relax from making all the choices, being engaged in every detail, and attempting to steer in all directions. Lower some of your expectations.

We Allow Too Many Breaks

We have little time for distractions while we’re busy. Unfair interruptions make us react badly. Refrain from wasting time on non-emergency interruptions. If individuals come in every 10 minutes with meaningless goals and tasks they can manage, you’ll constantly be occupied. Refocus from interruptions and distractions to essential tasks. 

We Want Others’ Approval

This is typically unconscious. We want people to enjoy most of what we do. The more people dislike it, the more we refine and rebuild it. One of the most challenging things you can accomplish is satisfying others. You’ll always fail, making it complicated. It was a pointless game. The idea is to enjoy what you do, love what you do, think your thoughts, construct your own life, and never care whether others agree. Never fear; love your journey and life every step, every minute.

We’re Not Effective

Busyness and productivity are opposites. Busy people may not be as productive as they might be. If you’re productive, you’re too busy to notice other things. Busyness drains and complicates. Breathe. Step back, examine your actions, and choose the most significant and practical items.

We Procrastinate

Why Do We Complicate Life? Top Reason You Must Know!
Why Do We Complicate Life? Top Reason You Must Know!

Projects build up, things are always on our to-do list, emails and texts go unanswered, and people demand our attention. Nothing clutters our brains like unfinished business. We get overwhelmed when we need to do what we should do when we should. Overwhelmed people often only finish projects if they think they’ll catch up.

Doing More Than Required

We accept everything. Commitment matters; overcommitment makes everyone happy except you. Meeting people, working on projects, and traveling every day is appealing. Give yourself loads of room. Learn to Say No Gently. Think. Plan. Do your part and leave the rest.

We Keep Birds That Need To Fly

You can’t untangle your life if you don’t let go of things and people. You may not need what you had five years ago. The individuals who walked with you last year may not be there today. Hold on loosely to lighten your life. Let’s go to make a place for the next chance.

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Dishonesty leads to sadness and grief. You must be honest with yourself and others. You must honestly evaluate your life and priorities. Trust the truth and reject falsehoods. Lies complicate life. If we love ourselves, we’ll be honest. If we love, we’ll be honest. Besides speaking the truth, we must behave and think truthfully.

We Tried To Cheat

Skating through life and cutting shortcuts only benefitted some. Doing the right thing should always come first. When we do the right thing and make judgments based on knowledge, wisdom, and precise information, we may make errors, but we never have to look back or wonder why.

Do the right thing always. Tell the truth. Be direct. Just say it’s awful. Just do it if proper. Someone may never know you did the right thing, but you will. It would help if you allowed your conscience to speak to you.

Living Past

It’s awful because growing up involves doing and not doing things we shouldn’t. We’ve grown up, yet not moved on. We must grasp the past, learn from it, leave it, and continue. We wish to undo some of our actions, choices, and attitudes. Unfortunately, we cannot.

Participate In Drama

Drama is the foundation of a problematic and unhappy existence. Giving in to others’ drama and letting your drama run wild can stress and depress you more than you thought imaginable. Some live for drama and don’t have a good day until they make someone else seem awful. See others’ good and help them shine.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

We hesitate. We consider, start, and stop. See opportunities, go ahead, hit a hurdle, and stop. We may find many chances in life if we open our brains, eyes, and hearts. Be persistent and think you will obtain what you desire. Don’t let failure get you down.

No Boundaries

Only some things are essential. Only some people need your attention. The world will continue if you vacation, snooze, or watch the sunset. Boundaries shape your identity, beliefs, and place in the world. Accept and respect limits.

It’s a chance to assert your limits if you can’t manage anything. Set limits to respect your health, time, energy, and life. When we choose yes and no, we govern our lives. If you respect your limits, others will.

Compared To Others

You may accept your life, make the adjustments you can, and find success on your own. Nobody has to write your life. Comparing yourself to others invites failure. Because they’re too busy striving to be, get, appear, and behave like others.


Why Do We Complicate Life?

Seeking excessive control, allowing too many interruptions, seeking praise from others, lacking productivity, moaning, delaying, overcommitting, clinging to the past, indulging in drama, worrying, and failing to create limits complicate life.

How Does Seeking Approval From Others Contribute To Life’s Complications?

Trying to satisfy others frequently leads to discontent and activity as we continuously tweak our behaviors and initiatives. This search might be pointless and exhausting complicating our lives.

What Role Does Procrastination Play In Complicating Life?

Unfinished projects and duties from procrastination overwhelm and clog our thoughts. It hinders productivity and time management complicating life.

Why Is Setting Boundaries Important In Simplifying Life?

Boundaries help us prioritize our health time and energy and make choices that reflect our beliefs and objectives. We restore control of our lives and urge people to respect our limits.


Taking control allowing interruptions seeking approval delaying whining overcommitting clinging to the past indulging in drama worrying excessively hesitating and failing to create limits complicate life. Let go be honest concentrate on solutions and accept and appreciate yourself to simplify life.


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